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Does “I have this great idea, but don’t know where to start” sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if an experienced professional in the field you intend to venture sat down with you to set you on the right path, give you insights and warn you of speed bumps? That is why Qooper is here, to bring an experienced professional to sit down with you to provide guidance and set you on the right path to success.

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Search for what you need to achieve in your business.


Chat with the person you would like to meet.


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How it works for Advisors?


Search for Achiever inquiries to chat.


Chat with the Achiever you would like to meet.


Meet with Qooper Achiever to give them expert advice and insights on their business.


Generate extra income by meeting with Achievers and providing them a quality service.

Our Team

Omer Usanmaz

Omer Usanmaz

Co-founder & Software Developer

Cenk Yurtbilir

Cenk Yurtbilir

Co-founder & Software Developer

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