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Create engaging, impactful, scalable, measurable

mentorship programs

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Improve employee onboarding experience and development. Retain talent and track engagement.



Improve student experience from enrollment to career planning. Engage alumni for a lifetime.


NFP - Government

Develop the leaders of tomorrow with the help of the leaders of today.


And More

Connect your network in meaningful relationships, create value and engage with the organization.

Instant Mentorship Access

Maximize mentorship engagement with mentorship apps

  • Feature Rich - Built in communication, mentoring and learning features
  • Exclusive - No emails, clean inboxes and brandable to your organization
  • Instant Access - Instant push notifications and instant access
  • Trackable - Every participant activity is tracked for measurements

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Automate Admin Work

Traditional mentorship programs require hours of manual work for onboarding, matching, intros and tracking. Qooper automates all these tasks with smart matching tools and uncovers program analytics.

Less Admin Work

Personalized Learning at Scale

Create a learning network where program managers, mentors and mentees understand each other’s goals and create custom learning courses for one another.

Consumption of bite-sized learning on the go, or comprehensive courses on the web are the best outcomes of a successful mentorship program.

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Start and boost your mentoring program in 3 Easy Steps


1. Onboard

Easily collect profiles


2. Match

Create effective matches with smart tools

Match Measurement

3. Measure

Track program for improvements and success stories

Program Analytics and Measurements

Uncover data on both individual and overall program success.

  • • Match % and active pairs
  • • Learning and progress tracking
  • • Individual activity timelines
  • • Conversation engagement
  • • Meeting frequency and durations
  • • Events and news statistics
Measurement and Tracking


Program Onboarding

Quick onboarding, comprehensive profiles

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Smart matching tools

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Built-in communication and mentoring features

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Custom learning resource creation and consumption

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Organization Engagement

Events, news, announcements

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Mentoring and learning progress tracking

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Overall mentoring, learning and engagement analytics

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Live chat, screen share, video recordings, mentoring resources and technical support for the success of your program.

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