The next level of engagement is accessible anywhere, anytime with all the mentorship tools

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Chat Video Call

Built-in Chat and Video Call

  • • One less barrier to connect. No awkward conversations for exchanging usernames
  • • Freedom to communicate on the go, like we do in our personal lives
  • • Built-in communication enables tracking relationships
  • • Every interaction is engagement with your organization

Meeting Scheduler

Allow your people to set up meetings and watch the meetings as they happen on the mentoring software. Any cancellation or change to a meeting is displayed with a notification.

Meeting Scheduler
Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Another layer of assurance to meetings is by syncing the confirmed meeting with calendars.

Peer Mentoring

Mentee-mentee relationships for collaboration

Mentor-Mentor relationships for networking

Peer Mentoring

Assign Action Items

Make mentoring meaningful with action items and due dates.

Track completion and improvement.

Notes and Feedback

Mentors and mentees are able to take notes on their mentoring sessions to show the program manager their journey and progress to their goals.

Learning Platform

Personalized Learning at Scale

Collect your network’s knowledge as everyone creates personalized learning resources for each others’ needs.

  • • Custom written courses and modules
  • • File sharing
  • • Links to videos and articles
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Artifical Program Manager (APM)

Define your program steps or use Qooper's templates, and let the APM facilitate for each participant

Learning Platform
Activity Timeline

View Activity Timelines

Track progress, activity levels and view the entire journey.

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Automate matching and introduction work

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Personalized Learning at scale

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