Customizable forms and templates to collect profiles

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Invite Codes

Invite Codes

Make use of Invite codes to

  • • Ensure privacy
  • • Differentiate mentors and mentees
  • • Run multiple mentoring programs

Easy Program Promotion

Create excitement for your program and involve participants

  • • Links to apps
  • • "Text Me The App" functionality
  • • "Scan QR Code" functionality
Mentoring Program Promotion Page
Multiple Programs

Multiple Programs - 1 Platform

Run multiple programs at the same time with different customizations, participants and content.

Revolving groups, different locations, multiple programs are all possible at the same time.

Custom Onboarding Form

Create the form you want or use our template fields.

Template Fields:

  • • Personal and Professional Goals
  • • Pre-Defined Skills custom to your organization
  • • Diversity (age, gender, ethnicity)
  • • EQ (Personality) evaluation
  • • IQ (Intelligence) evaluation
  • • Your choice of fields for your program.

Profile Collection

  • Collect profiles according to your customized form
  • Import participants if you have an existing list


  • • Mentors easily commit and modify availability for meetings.
  • • Mentees enjoy easy meeting bookings by picking a time slot from the mentor.

Begin Matching

As your people join the program, see their profiles on the mentoring software to begin matching.


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