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Association of Shelter Veterinarians
Venture for America
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Associations & Societies

Associations & Societies - Member Mentorship Program

  • • Onboard, engage, and develop your members by connecting them with the right mentors, peers, groups and resources
  • • Guide your members in their field of study to develop and retain them
  • • Connect your members on an interactive and goal-driven platform

Challenge: Mentoring programs for students, women, and minorities are impactful on communities, however, limited resources make administrative tasks such as matching and tracking more difficult, if not impossible.

Solution: Qooper’s smart admin dashboard automates tasks below so that you can focus on improving your mentoring program and not managing it.

  • • Profile Collection
  • • Matching
  • • Intorductions
  • • Education
  • • Follow ups and check-ins
Non-Profits Admin Automation
Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring

  • • Onboard, engage, and develop youth by surrounding them with the right mentors, peers, groups and resources
  • • Connect youth with their mentors with technology they use in their daily lives
  • • Empower youth to be the leaders of tomorrow by educating them through personalized resources
  • • Use measurements to raise funding and application to grants

Women & Minority Mentoring Programs

  • • Onboard, engage, and develop women and minority in their careers with the right mentors, peers, groups and resources
  • • Connect your members on an interactive and goal driven platform
  • • Use activity tracking and measurements to offer the right help at the right time
Women & Minority Mentoring Programs

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