Set Employees Up for Success

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Tranform Employee Onboarding

Transform Employee Onboarding

  • • Better employee onboarding through mentors, peers, groups and personalized resources
  • • Promote company culture and offer career paths
  • • Visualize employee goals, interest areas and engagement

Develop Your Employees

  • • Automate admin work for mentoring programs and provide learning resources for better career outcomes
  • • Give employees the resources to be successful in their personal life and at work
  • • Run automated mentorship, leadership development programs with your curriculum or Qooper’s library
  • • Support your internal programs with clear goal setting and action items
Develop Your Employees

Why companies invest in mentoring programs?


Millennials want a mentor


Mentoring results in higher retention


More promotions


Increase in productivity


Increase in employee engagement

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Increase Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

  • Challenge: Do your employees have a clear future in the company? Without career options, clear goals and the resources to get there, your employee may be prone disengagement and turnover.
  • Solution: Through mentors, peers and focus groups, let’s provide your employees a clear future in the company, help setting goals and provide them the resources to achieve them.

Improve Employee Retention

  • • Create career path options with mentoring and clear guidance to help your employees reach their goals.
  • • Help set goals, achieve action items and consume personalized learning at work or on the go.
  • • Become an organization that welcomes, develops and retains its best employees.
Improve Employee Retention

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